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Invasive species virtual BioBlitz

9:00 AM

November 16, 2019

Virtual BioBlitz


Contribute to the Invasive Species Action Week by documenting invasive species in potted plants!

Join BioBlitz Club for a virtual BioBlitz event from 6/4-6/12! This is the Invasive Species Action Week organized by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. We ask people to document creatures found under potted plants - insects, snails and slugs, salamanders, flatworms, and any other creature. According to The Pot Fouling Project on, this is a great way to document many non-native species, some arrived to California with imported plants. Help us document non-native species, and you might discover new and interesting species!

In order to participate, please join The Pot Fouling Project, and make observations between 6/4-6/12, of any creature found under potted plants. Then add each observation manually to the project. In order to do so, open the observation, on your phone of computer, and manually type the project name under projects.  For more info read this blog post and a Bay Nature article by Robin Agarwal. 

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