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The Jasper Ridge Ant Survey (part 1)

8:00 AM

Sept 14, 2019

Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

4001 Sand Hill Rd, Woodside, CA 94062, USA

Become an ant researcher, and help us document the Argentine ant invasion into Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve! In the first part, we will teach you how to ID local ants, and in the second part (9/21) we will survey the preserve in small groups

On 9/14 we will have a half day training session at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. We will teach you how to ID ants, starting with a presentation, followed by a short hike in the beautiful preserve. Afterwards we will talk about the survey routines, and teach you how to navigate to the different sites and record data. Joining the ant survey is a great way to get to know our local ants, visit Jasper Ridge, and meet other ant enthusiasts! 

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