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Virtual Urban BioBlitz Fall Challenge

9:00 AM

November 16, 2019

Online event


This event is part of SFBBO's annual California Fall Challenge (CFC) fundraiser

Even in the densest of cities, nature abounds. Come join SFBBO and to discover these hidden worlds in your backyards, your dog parks, and among the trees dotting your neighborhood.

During a period of 24-hours we will collectively try to document as many species as possible - birds, mammals, insects, plants, mushrooms, and everything else. We will use a free app called iNaturalist to document our observations, and social media to post selected photos and award prizes for most observations and most diverse observations, as well as prizes for most colorful photo, best macro photo, hidden worlds, and nature art. After you register we will share more about these.

We will start the day with a Zoom meeting, where we will briefly demonstrate how to use iNaturalist, and talk about how to find diversity in urban habitats and share some short videos to help guide you. The rest of the day participants will be encouraged to go out and document nature around their homes and contribute to the iNaturalist project.

Throughout the day we will help identify observations and post selected photos on social media. All observations made on iNaturalist will be added to this huge global database and help us learn more about our environment, about common and rare species, native and non-native. We will post a short report about the results after the event.

Usually, during our BioBlitz events we document as many species as possible during a specific time frame and location. This event is going to be different - you can participate from wherever you are! The event is open for adults and kids of all ages. Become a community scientist and learn to see nature in a different light!

For more info, donation options for SFBBO, and sign up click here

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