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Webinar: Plant Galls for the Curious Naturalist

9:00 AM

November 16, 2019



Join Jumpstart Nature, BioBlitz Club, and Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful for a special webinar about galls!

Join BioBlitz Club, Nature's Archive and Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful for a special webinar about plant galls! Galls are intriguing plant structures induced by insects (usually), creating a sheltered home for the larval stages of the inducing organism. They have diverse and sometimes incredible shapes and colors, and their natural history is equally fascinating, with complex life cycles, tiny parasites, and more! This event is scheduled in the middle of Gall Week 2022 - a global event aiming to document gall diversity worldwide.

During the webinar, Michael Hawk (Jumpstart Nature and Nature's Archive podcast) and Dr. Merav Vonshak (BioBlitz Club) will talk about gall biology, common host plants and gall inducers. They will discuss how you can find and identify galls, with numerous examples including gall look-alikes.

This webinar is intended for beginners looking to better understand and learn how to find galls, as well as gall enthusiasts who are already exposed to the diverse world of galls, and would like to learn more. Even though the webinar will include many West Coast species, principles and approaches apply to most locations, so everyone is welcome to join in!

Please RSVP here if you're interested in the webinar, even if you cannot attend the live webinar. We will share our recording with you shortly after the event. 

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