Shady Oaks BioBlitz

9:00 AM

Sept 7, 2019

Shady Oaks Park

Coyote Rd, San Jose, CA 95111, USA

Celebrate California Biodiversity Day by joining a BioBlitz! This beautiful urban park includes an old walnut orchard and the Coyote Creek corridor. Organized in collaboration with Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful

As part of our ongoing effort to visit different locations along Coyote Creek, we will have our first Shady Oaks Park BioBlitz. Located only 5 miles north of Coyote Valley, we are expecting to find many of our local animals and plants. 

During the event we will explore the walnut orchard area and the Coyote Creek area, and document every living thing - plants, animals, mushrooms, and everything else. We will use the iNaturalist app to record our observations and identify them. No experience necessary - we will teach you how to use the app and how to find animals. The event is free, and is suitable for individuals and for families with kids. 

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Looking for insects on narrowleaf milkweed

Looking at a red-shouldered hawk

White-breasted Nuthatch

Fox Squirrel

Lasioglossum bee on a bindweed

Red Cone Gall Wasp

going down to the creek

looking for aquatic insects

looking for aquatic insects

Aphids on Fremont Cottonwood

Coyote Creek

The old walnut orchard

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