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BioBlitz Club 4th anniversary!

It's our fourth anniversary today - happy anniversary everyone!

Our first BioBlitz was exactly four years ago on 8/19/2017, in Coyote Valley, with SCVAS -

It was so much fun, that I've decided I'd like to do more. I had another event with SCVAS, and then I met with Deb Kramer, from KCCB, and after we organized the Coyote Meadows event together, we really couldn't stop! So far, we have organized countless events together... I've also organized events with many other organizations:

Take a look at some of the stats below - we're at 59 events, with #60 just around the corner - this Sunday at Hellyer Park. The number of observations so far 30,881! The true number of participants is much higher - these are only numbers of unique observers that uploaded observation that year. Many others joined us but didn't share their observations.

You can view all our event projects on iNaturalist. I've created an umbrella project for each year. Every umbrella project includes all the events that took place that year.

Links to all the umbrella projects:

What was your favorite event so far? What was your favorite finding?

I'm not sure I could answer these questions. I feel that every event is unique in its own way. We always find interesting things, we often find unexpected species or see interesting behaviors. And we get to do it together. Thank you for being part of this great community!

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