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Other roadkills

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

In addition to newts, we also document many other roadkills. So far, we documented over 400 individuals of 70 different species. Most organisms are insects, and we also find many other amphibians and reptiles. We occasionally find mammals, and rarely birds (and even one fish!). The insects include bees, beetles, butterflies, and crickets. Among the other arthropods, we find millipedes and sometimes centipedes. We even found two different species of scorpions!

A pie chart describing other roadkills
Distribution of other roadkill animals

We were able to identify 6 other species of amphibians, including toads, arboreal salamanders, and bullfrogs. Among some fence lizards, we also found garter snakes, ring-necked snakes, and sharp-tailed snakes, and even whiptail lizards.

Gray foxes walk along the road frequently, judging from the amount of scat we see. They probably feed on some of the dead animals. Birds and insects get their part as well.

A dead Acorn Woodpecker (bird) on Alma Bridge Rd
We rarely find dead birds on the road, such as this Acorn Woodpecker

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